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I see the moon with its round light,        

Is here again for fun tonight.             

It seeks its playmates on the ground,     

For in the sky no one’s around.             

It sneaks its light down through the trees,

It’s moonbeams seem to light the breeze.     

And colors dance as cool winds blow,       

As it paints for us its famous glow.  

Natural scratching equal to healthy claws, great exercise, & stress reliever, better overall wellness.

Your cat will love this two-in-one bed and scratcher, invented with her happiness at heart. Ideal for napping, scratching, and flexing tired kitty paws—all in one spot. Moon shape is full of childish and cute, your kitty will love it.

Environmentally friendly materials, no matter your kitty scratch, bite, lick, tear, peace in mind.The paper scraps will be trapped inside and it is more convenient to clean.

Made of recycled cardboard, Crafted with glue made from natural corn starch, making a chemical-free, non-toxic space for your cat to chill.

size: 420 x 290 x 500mm